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About us



Roadrunners After Hours is a dynamic afterschool program for Middle School Students. The program strives to be student directed with opportunities to explore their interests, build leadership skills, and grow as a young teenager. Students needing extra help with their school work can avail themselves of Study Hall where we have the use of CAL-Soap Tutors and regular staff to assist them in their work.  Below is a sampling of program activities.




To begin the application and enrollment process for Sunnybrae Middle School's Afterschool Program you MUST contact the program director first. You may contact the program director by calling (707)-826-1915 during normal operating school hours. You may also contact the program director by email directly at [email protected].



Design and create your own masterpieces!

Interact Service Club

A student run club to provide service to both the school and the community at large Sponsored by Arcata Rotary


Learn to code by designing simple games.

Monthly Maker Market

An opportunity for makers to sell the creations to other students and staff.



Try your hand making amazing photos with your phone.

Cup Cake Wars

Try your skills at creating the schools best cupcake.

Video Production

Create your own videos and if deemed worthy by your peers, upload to YouTube

Sewing Creations

Work with a sewing expert to create your own items  such as computer cases, back packs, and whatever you think up!


 Electronic Pen Pals

Ever wanted to make friends with someone your age in another part of the state, Country, or the world?  We will be using skype, Facetime, and email to make friends from somewhere else.


Create your own Heath and Beauty Aides such as lib balm, soap, and bath bombs



Create your own worlds. Your only limit is your imagination.

Snack Shack

Visit our student run store and purchase heathy treats


Geocaching/Pokémon Go

Students can participate in these on-line exploration activities


Super Snack

Each day the program provides a free nutritious snack after school.

Cooking Around the World

Explore the world…. one cuisine at a time!